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2010 ~ 2013 Acura ILX:
High Beam headlamp: 9005
Low Beam headlamp: D2S

Acura ZDX Lights portray what it actually means to possess the greatest illumination in the motor vehicle world. With headlights together with a sharp focus tail lights, a conventional stance about the Acura ZDX car is presented. Both the tail lights and the headlights coupled with the LED fog lights that had a classy stripe shape have changed and been transformed to a coveted spherical units of lights. The spherical lights will now offer a shadier and functional illumination that will cover a wider area complementing the objective of class and speed together with a functionality ability to boot. With such beautiful and classy lights you invariably should muse over the statements of the Acura designers who have aptly put it that, “these lights will elevate the car to a whole new level of undisputed integrity and prestige.” Complimentarily the headlamps that have also discarded the halogen fueling that was of a lower standard and took in the new and best fueling in Xenon adds up to one great lighting that will usher the models to the next level of longetivity as everyone with an Acura will want the Acura ZDX Lights.