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LR2 HID Kit easy headlight upgrades from Choose your version and install in minutes. Our HID kits are simple and easy to use. Land rover is a beautiful compact crossover that is made with a unique design. The freelander comes with a spacious interior and a stronger chassis. It is swift with a powerful engine Land rover LR2 HID kit is a fabulous product that when effectively installed provides you with excellent lighting system. The HID headlights reflect high intensity lighting for better visibility. Your HID fog light not only improves the appearance of your vehicle but also enhance the lighting system of your vehicle. Your land rover HID kit is portable and easy to install since a highly informative manual is provided to guide you. It is a fantastic product that provides ample road coverage and crystal clear visibility in the thick and dark forest. It is a reliable and efficient source of light when driving during the stormy weather. It is produced with high technology, tested in the harshest conditions and proved to be durable and brilliant in its functions.