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Your Plymouth neon car’s safety should be of key concern to you as you make any purchase or upgrade on your car. You need to maintain your safety and that of the car at all times- including night or foggy climates. Plymouth neon HID kit is better placed to ensure your car is protected against frontal and side impact collisions that occur during the night or smoggy environments as a result of poor visibility. This HID kit allows for better visibility and enables you to get a clear vision of the road and any oncoming object. Xenon headlights are three times much brighter than the usual factory or halogen lights. The lights are also available in different temperature ranges such as 6000K, 8000K, 10,000K or 30,000k as well as stunning colors ranging from golden yellow to bright violet that best suits any one’s preference and taste. You really have no reason to miss out on this sleek offer. Besides, the prices are affordable and lasts a lifetime, on top of being easy to install and run. The light is friendly to your pockets and consumes three times less energy than the halogen lights.