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What is a Porsche Cayman HID Kit? Basically if your not familiar with xenon systems its a lighting upgrade for factory headlights which emits 3X more light than conventional halogen bulbs. Buying a Cayman headlight upgrade from us can allow you too view better at night and at the same time makes your car look newer. What makes Porsche Cayman cars so unique if not their looks that perfectly matches their color differences. Have you ever imagined how it will look like if you give your car an extra edge over other cars? Make your car look newer and more beautiful with a powerful Porsche Cayman HID kits upgrade. With outstanding visibility at nights and rainy road conditions, your car will be pleasurable to drive than ever. Guarantee your safety on the road, as well, by getting the easy to install and acquire upgrades. Choose from the myriad selection your choice headlight and be guaranteed beautiful and high intensity illumination on the road. You can choose your desired xenon kit color or temperature; but one thing stands; all the color and temperature available are beautiful, brighter by about three times when compared to the factory lights and are safely similar to the natural sunlight. Do not believe the words without experiencing the difference. Hurry and make this most needed upgrade and see true technology revealed in the lights.

2006-2008 Models use D1S Bulbs if equippedwith HID
2009-2010 Models use D2S Bulbs if equipped with HID
Halogen Models use H7