7 Inch HALO RGB Color Projector LED Headlights & Fog Lights Kit


The ultimate LED headlight upgrade. These GENSSI headlights offer LED low beam, LED high beams, and multi-function halo ring. The Fog Lights are also included!



SMARTPHONE Controlled 7″ LED RGB Changing HALO Headlights + HALO Fog Lamps

The ultimate LED headlight upgrade. These GENSSI headlights offer LED low beam, LED high beams, and multi-function halo ring. The Fog Lights are also included!

A greater field of vision for night driving with the sight sensitive cool white bulbs producing an increased illuminating distance on the road, these lights are a perfect upgrade to your dual or single system and a direct replacement to your old 7inch sealed headlights
LED last up to 10x longer than conventional bulbs and has a noticeable longer life than factory halogen headlights with a more durable light source for those more rugged terrains and Optimized Heatsink Design Technology for long life
APP ColorfulLight is used to control the multi-color function of the light providing the ultimate must have modification for cruises and shows making your vehicle stand out from the crowd, never worry about losing your remote again.
Direct Replacement and upgrade for your factory headlights, these headlights are plug & play the headlights use the H4 connection or can be installed using a H13 adapter, making swapping them out easy for any general motorist. DRL Halo Ring (Wiring required). CE, ROHS Certified
MORE WHITE 6000-6500K:
Cool White Light color will shine better on white surfaces of road.

  • Up to 4000Lm High Beam
  • Up to 3000Lm Low Beam
  • Bluetooth Controlled
  • Music Color Change
  • CANBus Error Free
  • Lifetime: 30,000 Hours

If your car has sealed beams, this is the most effective, simplest and least expensive improvement in lighting you can make! Sealed beam headlamps were introduced in the 1930s to provide a consistent quality of headlamps. Prior to that, headlamp design was left up to the vehicle manufacturer and lighting ability varied greatly. The problem with sealed beams is that the lens, reflector and filaments are all part of a bonded assembly. When the filament burns out, the entire lamp is discarded.

Music Controlled

Control the party at the touch of a button by pairing your headlights to your favorite music to create your own personal light show! The easy to use app allows you to control a major feature of your car by connecting to your phone or car stereo, allowing your headlights pulse and change color to your choice of music

Allows you to change your headlight projectors/sidelights to a range from the multi-color spectrum of 16 million colors of your choosing on a constant setting or choose the eye catching flash pattern when looking to create a show. These lights feature an incredible 123 different modes to choose from. DRL Halo Ring (Wiring required).

Input Power: 45W LED for Low beam, W/Projector and 60W LED for High beam W/Projector


  • HALO can be any color using the application
  • HALO can also be a white “like” color, not exactly white, because Red, Blue, Green LED combined create white


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Weight 5 oz