9006 9005 9012 H10 HID 50W Wiring Relay Harness


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9006 Wire Relay Harness for HID Installations (High Quality)

This relay was specially developed for vehicles with poor electrical systems or for new vehicles with DRL = Daytime running lights. It is used to draw power from the battery instead of the factory wiring. It still will connect to one of your factory bulb plugs and your factory light switch will work like normal.

Bulb types compatible – 9005(HB3) / 9006(HB4) / H10 9145 9140 / 9012 HIR2
50W Resistor Built-on one side of vehicle connector
50W resistor (addon-other side of vehicle)
Protects your factory wiring
For single beam HID kits only – will not work with other bulb types
Takes power directly off your battery and connects to only one of your factory bulb plugs.
If vehicle had DRL = Daytime running lights at give off LOW voltage <12V: Will may allow your kit to still turn on depending on vehicle. Includes Fuse for circuit protection This relay may also prevent flickering and delayed turn on of HID kits on some vehicles. We cannot predict if this relay will fix your problem, so please do not leave us poor feedback if your problem is not 100% solved. We also offer a different relay for cars with computer flickering problems in our EBAY STORE. One relay wiring kit is only required per HID Kit *If you have two hid kits, *Example for low/high beam, then you need to purchase another. Warranty: 12 Months High quality replacement part at fraction of cost of dealers.