HID Bi-Xenon Resistor Kit Relay Harness Adapter Anti Flicker Error Decoder H13 9008


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H13/9008 Type Flicker Solver Relay – Works on 99% of vehicles (Example Dodge Ram)

H13 or 9008 Size relay connects to one side of the vehicle.
For HID Kit with existing bi-xenon relay. This will replace your bi-xenon relay with 50W resistors built in
FOR ONLY Bi-xenon Type H13/9008 Kits

Includes 2 x 50W Resistors (One attached to the main harness) (Other resistor can be plugged into your vehicles unused plug)

The resistor is wired on the low beam portion of your circuit.

The 50W Resistors act like a light bulb and can fool your car to thinking the bulb is still there when installing HID. As you know with HID kits on some vehicles, it may cause your lights to flicker or cause warning lights. This is a solution. We do warn that it may not solve the problem with all vehicles. Example, some vehicles are very picky and require capacitors instead of relays. Also some cheap HID kits may cause flicker no matter what you do.

Warning! Resistors must not be mounted to any plastic surface! They get very hot from operation!
Notice! This relay is only for single beam kits or kits with halogen high beam. It will not work with bi-xenon kits that have movement and come with a relay module.

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